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Traditions Bring Family Together

by Mandy from Oklahoma

As the season of fall gets near, I can’t help but think of Thanksgiving and the wonderful foods and traditions my family has passed down to me through the years.

I am eager and excited to pass these same foods and traditions down to my children as they grow up. My family has always done a traditional spread: turkey, yams, stuffing, green bean casserole, and of course pumpkin pie.

When I got older and learned to cook, I always offered to make the yams; this was the dish I looked forward to every year. I would make them the traditional candied style, marshmallows and all. There were times in my life when I would experiment with a healthier version, or candy them with natural sugars instead of the marshmallows. But tradition always pulls me back, and I have made them with marshmallows the past couple of years.

Another dish I really look forward to is one my dad has passed down to me. It’s his famous apple sausage stuffing. This is a stuffing recipe that has red and green apples and delicious sage sausage. It is so mouth wateringly delicious, and the smell is everything about Thanksgiving in one dish. The savory and sweet aspect of it makes this dish absolutely amazing to have at the Thanksgiving table. This recipe, as well as the yams, are foods that were passed down to me and will always remain special to me.

As my kids get older I will pass these traditions down to them as well. I look forward to the days when they can help me in the kitchen and learn to make the foods I always enjoyed eating growing up. I believe that these are some of the most precious memories you can share with your children: holiday traditions and making meals together.

Food brings people together, and I plan on instilling this into my children as well.

This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, Mandy.

About Mandy. . . My name is Mandy Miller, I have two beautiful children. Finn is 2 and Willow is 1. I love to cook, sing, write, and go on adventures with my husband. We are from California and recently moved to Oklahoma.

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