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New guest blogger opportunities!

Consider becoming a guest blogger for wichealthblog.org! Your words of wisdom will be shared with our subscribers. Unfortunately, we are not able to pay guest bloggers for posts at this time. But, this is a great chance to share your knowledge about nutrition, parenting, and healthy living with our supportive and friendly community of readers. Please note that submissions may be edited for clarity and grammar.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for short (500 words or less) guest posts from WIC participants on the following topics:

1. Father's Day Festivities!

(Submit by May 31st or before).

Let's honor all of the father figures out there! Father's Day is coming up, and we recognize that this day can be about many people, including uncles, grandpas, or other significant person in your life. This day of celebration provides a chance to show gratitude for the variety of efforts these figures have in your family's daily life. How do these special figures show up in your life? We would love to hear stories about how you honor dad on father's day. Do you have traditions? Certain foods you look forward to making? How about ideas to get children involved in the kitchen for the special event? Or crafts you are planning with the kids as a surprise? Let us know about your Father's Day plans!

For more ideas to inspire your writing, check out some of our lessons in the Planning Simple Meals And Snacks or Keeping Your Family Healthy categories.


2. It's SPRING! What plans do you have for your family to get moving and eat well?

(Submit by May 31st or before).

The birds are chirping, and Spring is in full force! This means more outdoor time if you live in a northern climate. In all areas, it also means different seasonal and fresh ingredients are available. What does your family look forward to doing in the spring? How do you embrace the season and encourage movement with your kids? Do you have Spring recipes that use seasonal ingredients? Tell us how the season of Spring motivates you in different ways!

For a little inspiration on this topic, check out our free lesson titled Happy, Healthy, Active Children found in the Keeping Your Family Healthy category.


3. How do you budget for groceries?

(Submit by May 31st or before).

As the costs rise for. . .everything, how do you budget for groceries? Do you use any methods to help keep your costs down? How about store advertisements, loyalty programs, or coupons? Do you have any kind of budgeting ideas you can share with other parents? How do you use meal planning or schedules to keep your grocery budget in check? We would love to hear how you make the most of your money in the grocery checkout lane!

To learn more, check out the lessons found in the Planning Simple Meals And Snacks category.


To submit your post, simply write an email to wichealthblog@gmail.com and attach a Word Document or a link to a Google doc. Be sure to also include a short bio (about 3 sentences is fine) and a picture of yourself, if you would like to share one. In addition, we encourage you to send topic-related images of your kids in action - these add such a great personal touch to your post!

And check out this page to get some tips for blog writing success.

Thank you for considering becoming a guest blogger! We will reach out via email if your post has been selected for publication. And, if you have other ideas for posts that are not about the topics above, you can also email those to wichealthblog@gmail.com.

Please Note: This opportunity is volunteer-based. We are unable to compensate our writers at this time.