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New guest blogger opportunities!

Consider becoming a guest blogger for wichealthblog.org! Your words of wisdom will be shared with our subscribers. Unfortunately, we are not able to pay guest bloggers for posts at this time. But, this is a great chance to share your knowledge about nutrition, parenting, and healthy living with our supportive and friendly community of readers. Please note that submissions may be edited for clarity and grammar.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for short (500 words or less) guest posts from WIC participants on the following topics:

1. How I keep my child's smile healthy (Submit by May 18 or before)

Experts recommend that parents brush their children's teeth two times a day for two minutes each time. Do you follow this recommendation? What challenges have you faced on the road to sticking to this healthy habit? What toothbrushing and flossing tips do you have to share with other WIC parents?

2. How I helped my baby learn to drink from a cup (Submit by May 31 or before)

Have you helped your baby transition to a cup after bottle-feeding or breastfeeding? Tell us how you did it! Or, tell us what challenges you faced! Your answers will help other parents as they approach this milestone.

3. How I helped my baby transition to solid foods (Submit by June 15 or before)

Starting solids is a messy adventure! How did you handle it with your baby? What steps did you take for safety? What foods did you try first? What funny stories can you share about this exciting time in a baby's life?

To submit your post, simply write an email to wichealthblog@gmail.com and attach a Word Document with your post, or a link to a Google doc. Be sure to also include a short bio (about 3 sentences is fine) and a picture, if you would like to share one. You are also welcome to submit your own original photography to go with the post!

Thank you for considering becoming a guest blogger! We will reach out via email if your post has been selected for publication. And, if you have other ideas for posts that are not about the topics above, you can also email those to wichealthblog@gmail.com.