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New guest blogger opportunities!

Consider becoming a guest blogger for or submit a video short! Your words of wisdom or video may be shared with our subscribers. Unfortunately, we are not able to pay for posts or videos at this time. But, this is a great chance to share your knowledge about nutrition, parenting, and healthy living with our supportive and friendly community of viewers. Please note that all submissions may be edited for clarity, grammar, and language.

Blog Posts

We are looking for short (500 words or less) guest posts from WIC participants on the following topics:

1. How do you use your WIC benefits?

(Submit by September 25th or before).

We are writing a new lesson that focuses on common barriers parents face when using WIC benefits. Your writing could be featured in the lesson! We are interested in any of the following ideas (and others if you have them!):

  1. How do you buy and use WIC foods?

  2. Do you have any shopping tips when buying WIC foods?

  3. Do you have tips that help you remember to use your WIC card at the store?

  4. How do you discreetly use WIC at check out?

  5. In what ways do you use WIC foods in your culture’s or family’s recipes?

  6. If you face transportation challenges, how do you get to the store and home to use your WIC benefits?


2. How do you fuel your body, mind, and spirit as a busy parent?

(Submit by October 6th or before).

Parenting is a glorious job that requires the good health of a parent. So how do you do it? Nutrition is vital to feeling good, so how do you make the time to model healthy eating habits? Staying healthy is more than what you eat. What do you do to keep movement in your life? Tell us about the games you play with your children that encourage exercise or how you schedule your favorite walk in the neighborhood while pushing the stroller. What about making time for your mental and emotional well-being? Do you meditate, pray, or journal? Let's support one another in this journey and share how we care for ourselves to do the most important job of all. . .parenting!

Want some inspiration? Take our Happy, Healthy, Active Children lesson in the Keeping Your Family Healthy category.


3. What are some of your favorite fall meals, snacks, or activities?

(Submit by October 6th or before).

Kids are heading back to school, the mornings are getting cooler, and we are starting to see mums and squash at the markets. The seasons - they are a'changing! Autumn is in the air. This time of year yields a good variety of garden harvest, the mood for different kinds of foods (think soups or casseroles), and a sample of some spicy cider is usually available when you are out and about. What does this season transition mean to your family? How do you embrace the cooler weather, the changing schedules, or the preparation to make those seasonal recipes? Tell us about your plans for fall family fun: Recipes, activities, traditions, etc.


To submit your post, simply write an email to and attach a Word Document or a link to a Google doc. Be sure to also include a short bio (about 3 sentences is fine) and a picture of yourself, if you would like to share one. In addition, we encourage you to send topic-related images of your kids in action - these add such a great personal touch to your post!

And check out this page to get some tips for blog writing success.


What we are looking for: Short Videos - Cooking

We are looking for short videos (1 minute or less) from WIC participants on the following topic:

How do you use your WIC benefits?

(Submit by October 6th or before).

You know how it goes, suddenly you look into your pantry and see 3 jars of peanut butter or multiplying boxes of cereal! You aren't going to let one bit of your benefits go to waste! So, what do you do with the excess? What recipes are you making? How do you make good use of all the WIC ingredients without wasting any? Maybe you have three ways you use peanut butter or recipes that use a lot of milk? In a short video format, show us how you make the best use of your WIC food ingredients. We would love to see your ideas and share them with other families who are looking for ways to use their benefits fully. Your video might make an appearance in an upcoming lesson!


  • Less than a minute long

  • Provide written recipe (quantity of ingredients and directions)

  • Include a written bio of yourself (3 sentences or so)

  • Record the video with a horizontal screen shot shown below

Do you need some inspiration? Check out one of our most popular recipes with a video short, Banana Oat Yogurt Smoothie or look up short cooking videos online.

Thank you for considering becoming a guest blogger! We will reach out via email if your post has been selected for publication. And, if you have other ideas for posts that are not about the topics above, you can also email those to

Please Note: This opportunity is volunteer-based. We are unable to compensate contributors at this time.

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