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Finding positive energy at the local Farmers Market!

by Mandy from Oklahoma

My family and I just moved to Mustang Oklahoma from Sacramento California. We love to do fun activities as a family, and every day we try and get the kids outside either to a park or to go on a nice walk together.

One weekend we decided to go and check out a farmers market that was in Oklahoma City at a park called Scissortail Park. It’s a really beautiful park that has a lake that you can walk around, gardens with beautiful flowers, and a huge playground for the kids that also includes a water play area. We were impressed. We let the kids play around on the playground for a bit and then we went over to the farmers market, so we could have a look around.

It was lively and had lots of vendors with different things from fruits and vegetables, pottery, and honey, to homemade popsicles!

We decided to give the popsicles a try, my kids love them, and I was even more inclined to give these a try because they were all fruit with no added sugar or unhealthy ingredients. The flavor we chose was the banana berry. It was delicious! The kids thought so too. It was a pretty hot day so the popsicle was a great idea. It even sparked a bit of creativity in me as well to start making my own homemade popsicles for the kids instead of buying the store bought ones. Those are always filled with extra sugar and other unnecessary ingredients that are terrible for your health. I will submit my recipe for you guys.

After we enjoyed our popsicles we walked around a little more, I bought some local honey from one of the vendors, and we also noticed some people that were standing around with signs that said free water. As we paid attention to the people that were approaching them, we noticed they were people promoting the church that they went to and that they were praying for people. My husband asked if we could stop at one of the people and have her pray for him, I said yes of course. We stopped by and this super nice woman welcomed us over, gave us free water and began to have some conversation with us. We talked about how we just moved here and engaged in some small talk. The woman was so friendly and warm, we enjoyed our talk with her. My husband asked if she could pray for him to find a job that pays well and also that he finds something that he enjoys. We all bowed our heads and she began to say a prayer for us.

You could feel her positive energy and the genuine care that came out through her words, and we both felt different after leaving her presence. To end our day at the farmers market we took the gorgeous walk around the lake back to our car. A couple of weeks later my husband bought a work truck and decided to start his own business. We believe that woman’s prayer worked.


This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, Mandy.

About Mandy. . .

My name is Mandy, I am 35 and have two toddlers, Finn and Willow. I enjoy cooking, singing, being in nature and spending time with family. I am a stay at home mom but when I was working I was a waitress. I graduated from college with a bachelor's degree in Parks and Recreation Management. My family and I just moved to Oklahoma from California, we were looking to move to a less crowded place that was a better environment for our children to grow up. We have been enjoying Oklahoma a lot since we have been here.


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