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Sensory Food Fun

by Melissa from Michigan

Look, we probably shouldn’t teach our kids to play with their food. BUT - I don’t like food waste, and I don’t like my kids eating toxic products that aren’t even safe for them to have.

It’s not something I’m planning to do every day, but using food items to make a double-duty lunch and sensory activity was IT on a boring Wednesday afternoon.

I had reheated some leftover pasta sauce, and had to boil up a whole new box of spaghetti noodles. I had half of a pot of noodles left over when they were done with lunch.

They were acting squirrelly, like I was going to have to come up with a creative way to entertain them or they were going to go absolutely feral.

After scrolling through Pinterest and Tiktok for a few minutes, I could only find ideas that included a big haul from the Dollar Tree (those big hauls add up!).

Almost everything included some sort of food coloring — so I decided to put that big pot of spaghetti noodles to use. I dyed a couple handfuls, and ta-da!

The best part was that they ate more once it was a sensory activity than they did when it was lunch!!

Any type of pasta will work, and if you want to be even more creative, I saw many people make “sand” out of cheerios. Mixing this with juice jelly, and colorful noodles, you can make all types of themed sensory (lunches!?).

A quick search, and you’ll have all kinds of ideas. Little people and squishy bath toys are excellent additions, but the kids are just as happy when it’s just some fun squishy, colorful noodles!


This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, Melissa.

About Melissa. . .

Melissa is a social media copywriter, Mother to an amazing 19 year old son, foster Mother of 7 years, and adoptive Mother of 3 Littles all under 4!! She enjoys creative writing, floral design and outdoor recreation in her free time.

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Do you have fun sensory activities you have tried with your kids? Share them in a comment below!


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