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A Solid Start

by Melissa from Michigan

Let’s set the stage: you’re absolutely starving. You ate an early dinner, slept a solid 12 hours and you just woke up. You head to your local diner and place your order.

After waiting for it to be prepared, the waitress brings you the WRONG order, and to make matters worse — you’ve never even seen or tried this strange dish before in your life!

Let’s be honest, you’re definitely not about to eat it. It’s getting sent back immediately… and now? You’re probably in a pretty bad mood.

This is what it may be like if you wait until your little one is over-hungry or overtired when you try a new food.

A time of high stress isn’t the right time to introduce new foods — how do I know this? I literally just did it. Don’t worry little girl, it’s not the bananas that are silly, it’s this Momma!

Did she eat them? Heck no, and she was pretty mad about it. Learn from my mistake and take the time to make sure your little one is in a good mood and ready to learn about new foods.

Remember to keep track of when you introduce new foods so as to look out for allergies or reactions. It is recommended to add only one food per week when first starting solids. It might even be fun to re-introduce your big kids throughout the week to fun renditions of the same veggie baby brother/sister is trying!

A little nutritious peer pressure never hurt anyone.


This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, Melissa.

About Melissa. . .

Melissa is a social media copywriter, Mother to an amazing 19 year old son, foster Mother of 7 years, and adoptive Mother of 3 Littles all under 4!! She enjoys creative writing, floral design and outdoor recreation in her free time.

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Do you have experience with starting solid foods with your little one? Comment below!


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