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Love Them As They Are

by Verna from Kansas

As a mother, when I heard the word, “Milestone”, I panicked. Growing up with family members and being around friends who had children in their twenties, you always heard, “My baby can walk at only 8 months,” or “My baby is already eating regular cereal.” It can be overwhelming, but as I became a mother, I realized that every child is different and learns at different stages. My son learned differently from my daughter, and I witnessed the milestones, and I am completely satisfied with how my children are reaching goals.

My daughter will be 9 months at the end of July, and when thinking of the 4 categories of development, I have faith that she is reaching those goals. Social and Emotional is especially important because you get to see how your child interacts with those closest to you and those not closest. My daughter will stare at strangers and may give a little grin or maybe she will smile. Now when she is around her brother and her cousin, she gives off the highest pitch laugh that can be heard from miles away. I still want to make sure I keep the interaction to a minimum with strangers, because kids will have to learn that not all strangers are safe.

Language and Communication for most parents, you see this in your child right away. You may even chuckle at some of the words your child uses. I am in the practice stages of the word “No,” because as we know, Movement and Physical Development goes hand and hand with this one. Busy bodies as we say, she is everywhere in a blink of an eye. Teaching my daughter boundaries is important because when my son was her age, we lived in another apartment, and it was smaller, so he was set in his own area. She has mastered pulling herself up and has learned to slowly get down, even though sometimes she will cry because she may feel she cannot get down. Reassuring your child and showing them ways to conquer their fears is a parent milestone, so we go through it together.

LTP, which is learning, thinking and problem-solving plays deeply in the back of my mind. My daughter can pick up food with her hands, but we are still working on the pinch technique or using her thumb and index finger to pick up items. If you take my daughter's bottle away from her after she finishes, she will be sure to follow your movements to see where you are putting it just in case she can reach it. But overall, just enjoy your child growing because it will pass by so fast. I talk with my children’s doctor about my feelings and their development, and they always assure me they are doing just great, even if they might not be doing everything I feel they should be doing. Sometimes it just takes time, so just be aware but most importantly, be happy and love your child as they are.


This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, Verna.

About Verna

I am a 36-year-old mother of two children, my son is 5 and my daughter is almost 9 months old. I am a stay-at-home mom that thrives on making sure my children are Happy, Healthy, and Thriving.

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