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Healthy Summertime Activities

by Annabelle from North Carolina

Long summer days around our home mean a lot of frugal, easy activities to both eat well and stay active. Here are a few of my favorite tried and true tips:

Local U-Pick Produce Farms (if available!)

Blueberries and strawberries are our favorites.

  • These are often offered at bulk prices.

  • The experience gives my kids the chance to see how the berries are grown.

  • Bonus: The gratification of picking your own fruit is always sweet (pun intended).

Popsicle Walks

Popsicle walks around the neighborhood are fun!

  • Homemade juice or smoothie pops are a favorite.

  • We often prefer going out in the morning to beat the heat!

  • Bonus: Eating these outside avoids stressing over the mess.

Diaper Bag Stock Up

Keeping in-case-of-emergency activities and snacks in the diaper bag or car is a summer essential.

  • Sidewalk chalk and bubbles are favorites.

  • Dried fruit, nuts, or whole grain cereal are easily shelf-stable and won’t melt!


This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, Annabelle.

About Annabelle. . .

I’m a wife and a mama to two girls and the sweetest dog, Duke. I have a degree in public health and a love for learning all things nutrition. My husband jokes that I don't have any one hobby because I'm constantly trying new ways to teach my family and stay busy! A few recent favorites are running, calligraphy and mentoring a youth group.

I have big dreams of making big changes in the world. However, if anything, I know that big change happens with small choices each day. By teaching and helping my girls, I hope my little corner of the world is a little better than before.

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