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How having small goals has helped our family stay active

by Annabelle

Both myself and my toddler thrive off of a routine! I have some goals each day (meal ideas, how much active play time, limiting screen time…) and my daughter loves being my best little helper! Almost every morning, we make a checklist of things to do (with pictures, of course!); things like brush teeth, feed the dog, go on a walk together, play outside (and find 5 pinecones), make lunch, play dress up, etc. I make suggestions and my daughter comes up with ideas that she’s excited about, too!

I want my daughters to grow up knowing that they’re capable and resilient human beings. With that, we talk a lot about how important it is to take good care of our bodies so we can have enough energy to play, be strong, and not get sick as often. I’ve noticed my toddler especially understands this by example – when she sees me drinking water, prioritizing moving my body, eating a variety of foods or even just taking deep breaths when I’m frustrated – she is learning to take care of herself, too!

With COVID, we had to adjust expectations of what we can do and where we can go, but being in control of planning our time at home has helped us so much! Kids pick up so much on how we’re feeling and what we’re doing – I want my kids to be able to worry about kid things, not adult stressors! With so much uncertainty during the pandemic, being able to plan small things that we can be in control of is huge. Plus, there’s something about coloring a picture/checking off something on a list that just makes us feel good at the end of the day!


About Annabelle

I’m a wife and a mom to three - two girls and the sweetest rescue dog, Duke. I love being home with my two girls and finding new ways to stay busy in this pandemic! I believe in the power of consistency; preventing problems is much easier than treating them!

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