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WIC Supports Foster Families

by Emily from Alabama

As a first time foster parent who had nursed my own children, I was shocked at the expense of formula when we received a placement of a newborn child!

Our social worker helped connect us with WIC so that we could ensure that our foster baby would have the nutrition she needed, even after leaving our home.

Having access to a nutritionist to orient us to proper formula preparation was key in helping us get the hang of how to mix formula correctly, how to store it, and how many ounces a day to expect a newborn to eat.

When finding our specific formula in the grocery store became a challenge during the formula shortage, our local WIC office was a key resource in helping us get what we needed.

The tangible need was a huge help in supporting the physical development of this child, but the educational support given to us as foster parents has equipped us to help her thrive!


About Emily. . .

Emily and her family are a certified foster family in Alabama. They chose to foster in order to support children and advocate for reunification with their families. "If you think you could never foster because you would get 'too attached' then you are exactly the kind of stable adult foster kids and their families need."


In this week's guest post, Emily shares how WIC has helped and supported her while she helps and supports a foster child. wichealth is just one of the benefits of being part of the WIC community. We encourage you to check out one of over 50 lessons today. Head to and browse for topics that interest you. We can't wait to see you there!



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