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Why I Chose WIC

by Raven from Michigan

WIC is a great federal assistance program for low-income families, supplying women, infants, and children with food and nutritional information.

I have been with the WIC program since the birth of my two-year-old son, and it's incredibly helpful. Our WIC app is very informative. Picture tabs make it easy to use and understand. The app keeps track of the benefits used and is filled with many resources for growing children.

WIC provides many women with a healthy lifestyle during and after pregnancy, as well as food for infants and young children.

I formula-fed my son and the program paid for the formula for the first year. A big money saver! The WIC program provides a benefits card that is accepted in many places. Farmers market coupons are also given to families yearly.

In our WIC program, toddlers are also given a free dentist exam at the WIC office during their normal in-person office visit. Don't worry... the visits are short but informative. Also, the rooms are filled with plenty of toys to keep the little ones busy, while you speak with the nutritionist for a smooth visit!


About Juliana

Hi to all those hard-working parents! I'm Raven, a mom of one and soon-to-be two. My time in the WIC program has been an amazing experience. I am glad to be part of the WIC family.


In this week's guest post, Raven shares how WIC has helped her in many ways. wichealth is just one of the benefits of being part of the WIC community. We encourage you to check out one of over 50 lessons today. Head to and browse for topics that interest you. We can't wait to see you there!



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