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The Weight is Over

Are you a mom struggling to get rid of that baby weight but haven’t figured out how? If this is you, let me share a little story with you of overcoming, finding the will to change, taking control of your life, and changing your mindset when it comes to your weight loss. Imagine this!

Being a 39-year-old woman already slightly overweight but know that you need to drop that excess weight.

Oh, but wait! You find out that you are with child.

So, by the time you reach the age of forty you will have a child, and most may think that she is your grandchild instead of your child. First signs that depression can kick in and emotional eating takes place.

Then came the multitude of oppositions: job loss, three deaths in a three-year period. This sent me into a deeper emotional down spiral where I found my comfort in eating. I found a way to make this make sense to everyone as I shared that the extra calories were needed because I was breastfeeding. Yes, you read that right!

I used whatever tactic I could find to make it sound good and make sense.

Was this healthy for me? Of course not!

Was I receiving resources from the WIC online nutrition education? Yes!

But the question is, “was I putting it to use?” Ummmm, No!

So what does emotional eating look like?

For me, emotional eating was s a mom going from a solid 212 to 319 in three years. Before I stared on a journey of healthy living, eating and a lifestyle change, it had to start in the unlikeliest place. My mind! I had to make the decision in my head first that The Weight (Wait) is Over! No longer was I going to be a slave to food. No longer was I going to use it as an excuse to sulk and overeat. Before I started anything, I knew I had to be ready! I had to be fed up with being out of breath, uncomfortable with the way I looked naked, having poorly fitted clothing or not being able to find things that I thought were cute, being fatigued and above all fearful of not being around for my daughters. I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Furthermore, I felt like a total hypocrite. I would talk to clients about self-discovery and living their best life, deciding that if something was important enough then they should go for it, to push through the challenges – but I couldn’t bring myself to put down the donuts, chips, candy bars.

If I was going to ask others to fight through their fear, that meant I needed to do that very thing myself.

My immense goals for the next few years are massive, and I will need this body to keep up with my dreams, my purpose, my destiny.

"This lifestyle is an investment that is totally worth it for my future."

The Formula for Weight Loss

When people say diet and exercise are the answer- they’re right. It’s not some fancy formula.

You need to learn how to eat properly, not counting points, but in portions that make sense, and move your body. That’s it. However- learning to eat well is hard, and I’m grateful to start learning more about how to do this properly for MY body, using the nutritional content (videos, recipes, meal plans, etc.) that is readily accessible on I began by cutting many foods from my diet.

I eat everything that is of good nutritional value- plants first- aiming for organic/natural everything when I can, in moderation, and nothing excessively processed, or with a bunch of chemicals/additives.

When I look at the menu, I skip the appetizer. I order veggies and I don’t do fries. I get broccoli.

Simple stuff - done CONSISTENTLY.

I download recipes, meal plans, and go to the grocery store. I come home and use the time to prepare meals with my little ones as a fun time together. I’ve been paying a LOT of attention to portion control, and really working on my ‘relationship’ with food, while finding other ways to relieve stress on a budget.

It’s been a game changer.

It isn’t happening overnight- working out is so so so hard in the beginning and I couldn’t do a lot without needing some air (LOL)- but I am taking it day by day.

I am now able to move a little better and easier as the now 4-year-old reminds me we have to workout. I have figured that I don’t need to waste money for a gym membership. If I can dedicate time at home, using free YouTube videos or the workout DVD’s that were collecting dust, then that was a major WIN for me.

"It was a matter of changing my mindset by making the decision to get started."

It's Not An Event

I also decided not to make my healthy lifestyle journey an ‘event‘. I don't want commentary as I begin the process, so I don't share much or discuss. For me, this makes it easier, and it takes some pressure off.

Once I begin to really shed a few good pounds, I know questions are going to be harder to avoid.

This is something we as mothers must do today by committing to ourselves, family, and community that I/we will be a healthy example of success.

Sometimes when you want to up level, it’s not a course or new funnel- it’s changing yourself. I’m about 1.5 months in, and still have a way to go, but excited about the journey, and so grateful to God for second chances at a healthy life. It is slow and hard in the beginning, but I’m giving myself 90 days- 12 weeks as a start- for this breakthrough which I know will create lasting results.


Multi-purposeful, serial entrepreneur, helping women and moms start, build and launch creative businesses, effectively with joy & ease. Doing so without the expense of sacrificing time with family and most of all self.

Tamara, Michigan


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