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Special guest blogger opportunity: Your child's marvelous milestones!

Are you familiar with milestones? Milestones are the ways children learn, play, move, and develop at specific times in their lives. Right now, is partnering with the CDC to create a new lesson all about tracking these important milestones. And, we want to hear from you about how it felt to track your child's milestones!

Here's how submissions will work:

  1. Interested guest bloggers should first review this CDC webpage all about child milestones. Explore the different age groups and see what milestones are expected at each stage.

  2. Ask yourself: Do I remember what it was like when my child hit this milestone? How did it feel? What was my family's reaction? What activities did I try to help my child continue to develop?

  3. Or, ask yourself: Was my child behind schedule on any of these milestones? What was my reaction? Where did I find support? What steps did I take to learn more?

  4. If you can, try to focus your story on one specific type of milestone. As you will learn on the CDC milestones page, there are 4 types: Social/Emotional, Language/Communication, Cognitive, and Movement/Physical Development.

  5. Submit your story by April 28th, 2021. Your story can be as short as a few sentences or as long as 500 words. It is up to you!

Your words of wisdom will be shared with our subscribers. Parts of stories may also be selected to be featured as part of our new Milestones Matter lesson series!

Please note that we are not able to pay guest bloggers for posts at this time. But, this is a great chance to share your knowledge with our supportive and friendly community of readers. Submissions may be edited for clarity and grammar.


To submit your post, simply write an email to and attach a Word Document with your post, or a link to a Google doc. Be sure to also include a short bio (about 3 sentences is fine) and a picture, if you would like to share one. You are also welcome to submit your own original photography to go with the post!

Thank you for considering becoming a guest blogger! We will reach out via email if your post has been selected for publication. And, if you have other ideas for posts that are not about the topics above, you can also email those to


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