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Secrets to My Picky Eater

Finding healthy meals and snacks can be a challenge, especially if you have more than one child to please. As a mother of two with one on the way, I had to search for new ideas to keep my kids on a good track to healthy eating habits.

My son is my first born. When it came time to introduce baby food, I was overwhelmed and skeptical. Luckily my son liked everything I offered him for meal time. My daughter, my second born on the other hand, never enjoyed baby food, and was a bit picky. I assumed since I mastered my sons menu, my daughter would love the same foods.

"How was I going to find new cuisine goals let alone healthy ones?"

This circumstance caused me to react fast. Fortunately, today we have more insight than ever to get tips and tricks with social media, television networks, magazines and blogs from mothers who struggle with the same battles.

Here's a Hint

With so many people utilizing adventurous flavors, and unique takes on original meals and snacks, it’s fun to try new things and a huge success if the whole family can enjoy it!

The most useful hint is to be creative. My kids love different shapes and colors. I established incorporating such sparks their attention and they are willing to try new things. I have also determined kids dislike the texture of certain foods, not necessarily the food itself. If baking, steaming, or dehydrating is not working, definitely try juicing. Kids love fruits, and masking a bit of that sweet taste while sneaking in a bit of vegetables means double the nutrients!

If you find your child doesn’t like something, don’t ever conclude you have failed. Each child is an individual with THEIR own pleasures. Mealtime and healthy eating shouldn’t be a hassle, keep your mind open to try new things, even if you have never tried it yourself.

It’s a huge reward in the end when your kids are healthy and growing, and acknowledge it’s all because of you.


I am a married mother of two young children, a boy 5 and a girl 2, with a new addition on the way. I love to stay active and bond with my family. It becomes a bit difficult to keep the momentum moving, but finding new ideas like crafts, cooking, educating, etc. to create more experiences with my family is my ultimate goal!

Alissa, California


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