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Science and the Protection of My Family

by Annabelle from North Carolina

I'll be the first to admit that I believe in science (hello, vaccine-preventable diseases!) AND taking whatever steps I can at home to protect my family. For us, that looks like:

  • Handwashing (sing a song, scrub, rinse, dry). We make it a habit before/after meals and snacks, after coming inside from playing/the car/friends. For my toddler who both still needs help and craves independence, easy-to-pump foaming soap and a stepping stool have helped us tremendously.

  • Balanced diet. By focusing on variety, we approach our diets with grace and try our best to be balanced. With a mix of fruits, veggies, grains and protein sources, our immune system can stay strong and keep us healthy.

  • Exercise. Most days, it's very simple at our house; a morning walk or maybe a trip to the playground. Or, on rainy days, finding a kids' yoga video online (to try) to teach the importance of moving our bodies. When I take the time to prioritize exercise and teach my kids, too, we give ourselves a better chance to overcome illness.

  • Routine doctor visits. Unfortunately, it is so easy to get behind on all of those baby appointments and then forget to schedule appointments when they're months away. However, staying on top of routine appointments (exams and vaccines as needed) protects our family! A quick reminder in my phone gives me the nudge I need to make these visits happen, keeping my family protected.


This blog was written by one of our regular guest bloggers, Annabelle.

About Annabelle

I’m a wife and a mama to two girls and the sweetest dog, Duke. I have a degree in public health and a love for learning all things nutrition. My husband jokes that I don't have any one hobby because I'm constantly trying new ways to teach my family and stay busy! A few recent favorites are running, calligraphy, and mentoring a youth group.

I have dreams of making big changes in the world. However, if anything, I know that big change happens with small choices each day. By teaching and helping my girls, I hope my little corner of the world is a little better than before.

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