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Recipe! Banana Ricotta Dip and Apple Wedges

This delicious dip is made with ricotta cheese and milk, both of which contain protein and calcium to strengthen teeth. Pairing this dip with crunchy apples is an added bonus for dental health! That's because apples are high in water and fiber. This helps to balance the sugars they contain and helps to clean your teeth. Chewing also helps to stimulate saliva production, which washes harmful acids and food particles away from teeth.

Did we mention it tastes great? 😉


Number of Servings - 4

Prep Time - 10 minutes


2 apples

1 mashed banana

1 cup ricotta cheese

1/2 tablespoon milk (Optional)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon


1. Wash prep area, your hands, apples, and banana.*

2. Combine all ingredients, except apple, in a food processor and blend until a smooth consistency forms, adding extra milk if necessary.

3. Cut apples into wedges.

4. Serve whipped banana ricotta with apple wedges. 

Tip: Aside from apples, this dip is delicious paired with many other types of fruit. Feeling adventurous? Health eKitchen can help you learn how to make homemade ricotta cheese!

*Give those bananas a good rinse! Cleaning bananas before peeling them keeps harmful bacteria that may be on the outer peel from getting on the banana meat. Once you’ve rinsed the banana, go ahead and peel, slice, freeze, or serve them as desired.


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