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Nifty Kitchen Gadgets

by Jules from Michigan

I have a few new-found kitchen gadgets to share with you! These have made my life easier and have saved me some moola and some time along the way.

First up - the Japanese cooking pot called the Donabe. (Side note: I couldn't afford one, so I asked for one during Mother's Day and boy, am I impressed!)

It cooks the rice perfectly every time in under 10 minutes! Its porous body makes it much more energy efficient than an electric rice cooker. It can be used for stew, soups, grilling, or even a hot pot! It's stove, oven, and microwave safe. AND when you scoop the food out there's no nasty coating on the pot that flakes off into your food like some of the infamous non-stick cookware. If you haven't researched the Donabe yet, do yourself a favor and check out some YouTube videos!

Next up is a long time champion - the rotary cheese grater.

You will never want to buy pre-shredded cheese again! Shredding your own cheese is satisfying and it melts so much easier. This takes a little elbow grease to perform, but you can use this machine for cheese, potatoes, veggies, and just about anything you want to shred, julienne, or grate. The one I got from Amazon suctions to your table or counter top and is dishwasher safe!

The last item I've found myself using regularly in the kitchen is our menu.

This menu is a huge magnet that sticks to our fridge. Each week I write down what's for dinner, so there's no "MOM WHAT'S FOR DINNER!?" questions at 5 pm while I stir an obvious pot of noodles on the stove top. This is easy to clean (paper towel and water) and uses dry erase markers you can find at the dollar store, so it's absolutely an affordable way to stay organized. The kids even have fun helping me write down things on the menu or drawing little pictures too!

I hope you try some of these hot items in your home. The convenience is so worth it and it might even make you stress a little less!


This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, Jules.

About Jules. . . Hey, I'm Jules! 33 year old Mom of 4. I'm just out here trying to live my best, stress-free life and I hope you all are too. Check out my blog containing some nifty Kitchen Gadgets I think you might enjoy.


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