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How to Make Snack Time Easier and Healthier


As parents, we want to make snack times as easy as possible. We also want to provide grab-and-go foods that are nutritious. To find a solution to this common struggle, our wichealth staff asked a group of WIC moms what their best snack-time tips were. And now we are sharing them with you!

What tips do you have on how to make snack time easier and healthier?

"When we have snacks, we have fun by making our own healthy granola bars together, or I cut up an apple and slice some cheese. Cereal is reserved for snacks as well (most of the time), and we usually limit it to Bran Flakes, Grape Nuts, Cheerios, and the like. We make it taste better and make it fun by adding raisins, bananas, or almonds. I put out all the stuff and let my kids make their own snacks how they like."

~ Jessica

Focus on color. I know that dark green things are typically healthy, like leafy greens, so I like to include those. It’s easy nowadays with [fruit and vegetable] pouches. Also, I read ingredient lists.”

~ Chica

I give appropriate portions of veggies, instead of giving too much, hoping they would eat them. If you have a young child, it is easier for them to get and eat 5 beans than to see a pile, it can be overwhelming if it is something they really don't like.”

~ Amy

“There are several things that I put into place. I prepare his snack each day for after daycare into smaller bags. I include some snacks that are colorful, like fruit or cheerios. My baby loves different colors of food and textures so I always try something different that he may like. I do not give my child a lot of snacks that have sugar; he mostly gets a lot of that from the different fruit that he eats.”

~ Lakeesha

“My biggest suggestion for making snack and meal times easier is to include kiddos in the prep. Let them be active in grocery shopping, even if just helping to make the list; show them how food is grown, let them help sort, wash, or cut if old enough.”

~ Logan

“My number 1 tip is that you have to set the example. Children best learn eating habits from observing their parents. Eat a healthy snack with them. Another thing is we just don’t buy junk. You can't eat unhealthy if you don't buy anything unhealthy. And my 3rd piece of advice is make the snacks easily available. I prep fruit and veggies in pyrex dishes and then let my 3 year old choose his snack to make him feel like he's picking.”

~ Jessi

What is your best advice when it comes to making snacks easier and healthier? Let us know in the comments!


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