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How I make WIC last all month.

by Margaret from California

When I buy WIC foods I like to try to stretch the benefits out as long as I can; I try to get them to last me until I get them the next month.

The easiest way I have found to get the benefits to last me is to use them at a few different stores and with any reward, coupons or points I may have with those stores. I get cereal, juice, and grains at the small “convenient” stores that are aimed towards WIC users, because in my experience they have the correct items always in stock and I can't go wrong. For my veggies and everything else, I go to the big grocery chains that have a variety of cost efficient products.

When I first started receiving WIC I always forgot my card. So the easiest way for me to remember it was to make two shopping lists on the same page, one for regular shopping and one with my WIC items. Since I started doing this, it has been a lot easier for me to remember my card and also my groceries. I know often I have been on the receiving end of judgmental looks for using my WIC card, so most of the time I use my card at the previously mentioned convenient stores, or at the grocery store I like to go to check outs with women cashiers.

I really do hope that these tips do help someone.


About Margaret. . .

Hi! I’m Margaret, wife and mother of 2 girls. I enjoy cooking home cooked meals for my family.


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