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How I helped my baby transition to solid food

by Jenni from Illinois


Our transition to solid food was around 6 months of age for each child. We opted to try baby led weaning, where we skipped purées and started with pieces of food.


I read a great book on the topic and we decided to start with avocado. We cut it into pieces they would be able to pick up and not bite size, since they were able to bite off the right amounts. For the first several months they mostly played and little was actually eaten, but it’s a lot about the baby getting comfortable with food. We did steamed carrots, apple slices and all kinds of food. We tried one at a time to be aware of any allergies (we had none), and before long we were able to feed them the same meals we were making, just before any seasonings or sauces were added. I love to make a good stir fry, so the baby could eat rice and veggies and then we added sauce to ours.


The biggest reason for choosing this way of eating was we heard that kids are less likely to be picky. Ours are now almost 2, 6 and 8 and they are adventurous eaters! They try anything and love almost everything!

It’s a messy way to learn about food, but very rewarding. It’s easier if you have a dog who can eat the dropped foods (ha) but not necessary.

Note from wichealth: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends offering your baby foods that are soft, easy to swallow, and in small pieces. Be sure to include foods that provide iron and zinc, such as baby food made with meat or iron-fortified cereals. Always supervise, never leave your baby alone when they are eating. Avoid choking hazard foods like whole grapes, popcorn, nuts, and raw hard fruits and veggies. Baby should always sit upright.

This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, Jenni.

About Jenni

Jenni is a professional photographer living in North Pekin, Illinois with her husband Ryan, three girls and an angel baby. Jenni loves gardening, spending time outdoors, camping, running, reading, journaling and meditation. She is very interested in mental health and personal development. She is involved with local charities and is a member of the Village of North Pekin City Council.


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