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How I Bring Active Kids Into My Kitchen

by Lia from Michigan

Mealtime is a special time for me and my kids. Growing up I can remember sitting at the dining room table eating a meal with my family. I really enjoyed those moments and that is why I make mealtime special for me and my kids. The best time for me to sit and enjoy a meal is dinner time with my little ones.

I have three children that range in age from age seven to age two, and range in personality from happy to scary. Just kidding. I make mealtime family time by asking my children for help with setting the table and prepping some of the food for the meal.

I first prepare my ingredients and lay out any perishables I need to wash, cut and put in the oven or on the stovetop. Next I walk into the different rooms and explain what is for breakfast, lunch or dinner and ask for help with the meal. I do not trust any of my kids with a knife just yet, but I let them wash produce and measure out rice or put dough in a baking pan.

To keep things interesting I start preparing the meal, then I assign tasks to each kid to keep them occupied while I finish cooking the meal we are going to enjoy at the table. I say this is who is going to put down the plates. I need your help to put down napkins and silverware, and you can help me put out four cups and four straws to drink out of at the table. I feel that getting all my kids involved in the making of the meal and setting the table makes my job easier, and it gives my kids something to do while the food is getting made for our family meal.


This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, Lia.

About Lia

I am a Mom of 3 that works full time at a Doctor’s office. I play in a band on the weekends (just kidding). I am a college graduate with a degree in communications. I spend all my free time with my kids.


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