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How I beat the heat and save time with summertime meal and snack ideas

by LyRee

Summertime in my household is full of fresh fruit and quick meals!


My four year old loves to eat oatmeal daily. To keep it fun I add fruit or yogurt, which adds a nice twist! Another breakfast staple in my house is using the cinnamon swirl whole wheat bread to make french toast with sliced fruit. This is always a great way to start our Saturday morning!


For lunch we have a variety of things during the week. To name a few of our favorites:

  • A good ol’ grill cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread.

  • We add fresh raspberries and blueberries with a dollop of fat-free yogurt on the side!

  • My little guy also enjoys tuna salad. We add boiled eggs, pickle relish, and mayo.


We grill out! Even our potatoes and asparagus - it’s quick and easy. We also enjoy a lot of whole grain pasta with red sauce, or alfredo sauce, with broccoli. All these meals don't include the oven so you won't heat the house, which is important in the hot summer months!


This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, LyRee.


About LyRee

My name is LyRee. I am a mother of a 14 and 4-year-old. WIC has been an important resource in my family. It has given me tips to help in the development of both my children. I am married to a wonderful man. Also, I have two dogs: a ninety-pound Rottweiler and a four-pound Morkie. I worked as a Teacher-Assistant for ten years for the public school system. I graduated last year and am now looking to find a social work position. Human services is my passion! I am a mother, wife, and friend. I live in Michigan and I am from Michigan.


In this week's guest post, LyRee shares her tips for meal planning in the summer months. If you would like to explore more meal and snack ideas for hot days, consider taking our free online lesson called: Saving Time with No Cook Recipes. You can find this lesson in the Meal Planning category of



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