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How do you budget for groceries?

by Mischa

Grocery shopping is not my favorite thing to do. As a matter of fact, I used many methods over the years to improve my spending habits for grocery shopping. My teenage boy's appetite is beyond what you could imagine. I have a few tips that I can share, but for the sake of time I will give 3 tips to help budget for groceries.

Tip #1 Never leave home without a list

I have spent many hours wasting time and buying duplicate or unnecessary items. You can save yourself a lot of time. This is a great tool to involve your kids in preparing a list. I make lists for everything: groceries, errands, and chores. My sons love being involved, because they enjoy picking out the things that they want as well. On a positive note, it really helps them with great organizational skills and budgeting tips. If you want to save more time, make a list in between trips to the grocery store. This helps you remember the items, and it’s less time consuming. When you go to the store with a list, it helps you save money. You will buy what you need first. If you have extra, you can buy treats. I never leave home without my list. This is absolutely necessary if I want to save money.

Tip #2 Plan out your meals

There is nothing like coming home from work or school and not knowing what to cook for dinner. I would always make an extra trip to the grocery store to pick up something quick to cook. This was a waste of time and money. When you shop at the last minute, you spend more. Usually, you are rushing to get home and less likely to care about the prices. This habit is OK every once in a while, but every week can be costly. Pick a day to plan out your meals. YouTube has great quick ideas for new recipes. Plan the meals ahead of time so you can budget out what you need. When you are preparing your list, you can add the items needed for your meals. When you plan meals, you are in control of what you buy. In the end, you are less likely to spend.

Tip #3 Couponing saves money

If you really want to save your money, this is the best tip. It can be time consuming, but it is very beneficial. Many grocery stores send out papers with deals and coupons. I suggest you take advantage of this because it really helps. Try to do this tip while making your list, so you can schedule your trips around the time of the sales. Although this can be tedious, it really helps you budget your groceries.

Grocery shopping can quickly become expensive. I hope these tips will help you.

About Mischa. . .

My name is Mischa; however, I go by Mischa Rashann (Rashann just being my middle name). I am a divorced mom, and I reside in Iowa raising 5 sons. I also attend the University of Northern Iowa, where I am pursuing my Bachelors Degree in Accounting.

I am the author of the book entitled “CHOOSING YOU” sold online at Amazon.

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