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Get Whisked Away

by Yana from California

My latest favorite kitchen tool is a whisk. With it, I often make crepes for my three kids.

Crepes are my favorite childhood dish also! And only recently, instead of a spoon, I decided to use a whisk! It was an Aha! moment, for sure!

The recipe starts with one egg and a pinch of salt. The whisk does the job so much better than a spoon. I always used a spoon because that was the way my grandmother and mom made it.

Then, I slowly add milk and flour. Now that I am using a whisk, the mixture is so smooth and no lumps at all! It is also done so fast! Before, I would let it sit until flour lumps would dissolve.

A drop of oil at the end helps it from burning. I even keep a frying pan that is used only for making crepes. It is such a pain to use a pan after you have cooked some meat in it – it will always stick to the pan. My mom swears that if I cook some onions it will help, but for me it is better to devote one pan to one job – frying crepes!


This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, Yana.

About Yana. . . Yana lives in Santa Clarita, California with her 3 children.


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