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Eating well for a healthy pregnancy

by Kate from Hawaii

Eating healthy during pregnancy can be quite a challenge. However, you can do it! Here are some tips to help you eat as healthy as possible during these next few months.

Why Does it Matter?

Eating healthy while you are pregnant is super important. Not only does it provide your baby with the best nutrition, but it also keeps your body healthy.

When you eat healthy, it can help your pregnancy go smoother. You may be less likely to get gestational diabetes and other pregnancy complications.

Eating nutritious food will also give you strength during labor.

Best Tips for Eating Healthy During Your Pregnancy

Here are a few of the best tips for a healthy and nutritious pregnancy!

1. Go with Cravings

While you may crave some McDonald's or not-so-healthy food now and then, you most likely will also crave fruits and other highly nutritious foods.

When you have those cravings for fruit, use it to your advantage. Eating multiple fruits or servings whenever you have those cravings will help you always get the nutrients you need.

I also found that I would begin to crave more fruits instead of processed foods if I did this.

2. Try a Variety

At least one of your favorite foods may instantly be unpleasant as soon as you are pregnant.

Try to have a wide range of healthy foods to try. Often, I found if I tried something, I usually loved it even though I did not particularly want that type of food.

Keeping stocked up with multiple types of fruits, nuts, and protein will help you to eat healthy. Something may sound disgusting one day and pleasing the next.

3. Bland is Better

When you are pregnant, it may be hard to eat foods with many spices or flavors. So, it is best to go with blander foods instead.

You can always add more spice if needed, but you cannot take away flavors.

4. Change Your Environment

Our minds are immensely powerful. I found sometimes it is mind over matter when eating while pregnant.

To help you naturally want to eat healthy, you may have to change your environment.

Hide or put the unhealthy foods out of sight and reach. Then place the healthy food all around the house where it is easily accessible and seen all the time.

Our bodies will then naturally want to eat what we see around us. This is an easy yet effective way to create good habits, especially when it comes to eating.

5. Do Not Guilt Trip Yourself

Moderation is the key to eating healthy. That means it is completely okay to eat sugar or other unhealthy foods while you are pregnant.

Do not feel guilty for eating less healthy foods. It is totally okay. Just do your best, and that is all that matters.

Making yourself feel worse usually ends up with splurging and overeating processed foods.

These five ideas will help you to have a healthy pregnancy both for you and your little one!


About Kate

Kate is a stay-at-home mom with two little ones. After graduating college with a degree in psychology, she created to help moms take control of their mental health. She loves to help moms and wives find their true identities and potential.


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