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WIC Makes Happy Campers

by Valerie from Michigan

Why is WIC helpful?

I myself use my benefits to keep my child a healthier baby, for his immune system, and to keep him a happy camper. Fruits, vegs, milk, bread, cheese are all the food groups that we have all known for years, and lived by from our mothers and so forth.

It also helps to season our meals to have flavor for them as we buy vegetables for that. I don't buy all at once; I spread out the benefits to help also with the gaps when we are low on food.

I stretch out the choices of the benefits, to make other recipes for the little one, things like using the milk in oatmeal instead of water, or fruits to make cobblers and so forth.

I'm hoping they don't lower the fruits and vegetables allowance because it is used for so many other foods. I'm thankful for the program and it helps a lot.


About Valerie

Hi! I am Valerie, a 50 year-young grandmother taking care of my 2 grandchildren. My girl is 12, and my boy will be 2 on Sept 23! I am happy, and thank the Lord for allowing me to be able to care for them, for my daughter recently passed to be with the Lord. I am grateful for the WIC program. It allows me to give the nutrients for my grand baby. Thanks!


In this week's guest post, Valerie shares how WIC has helped her and her grandchildren. wichealth is just one of the benefits of being part of the WIC community. We encourage you to check out one of over 50 lessons today. Head to and browse for topics that interest you. We can't wait to see you there!



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