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Skip the meat - add the fish!

by wichealth

Taking meat out of your family's meal planning can be challenging. We have a great food you can add to your weekly menu! Try fish! Fish doesn't have to be hard to prepare. In fact, it is actually quite simple. It doesn't need much preparation, and it cooks quickly.


Let us share an easy plan to get some fish in next week's menu!

1. Check out your favorite store's weekly flyers for fish on sale!

Let's be real - who doesn't love a good sale?! Check to see what kind of fish is on sale and begin making your plan from there. Pssst! Canned tuna is a great fish to try.

2. Find a recipe that uses the fish you found on sale.

You can head to wichealth's Health eKitchen as a great place to start. Keep in mind that you can totally swap out the types of fish called for in recipes. For example, you could use canned salmon in place of canned tuna or haddock instead of cod.

3. Use what you already have or make note of what you need.

Check your cupboard, pantry, or refrigerator for the ingredients called for in your recipe. See what you already have on hand, and make a list of what you will need to purchase at the store. Don't forget to plan a side dish too - keep it simple: some steamed veggies or a colorful salad will be perfect!

4. Pick the day you will make this new meal!

Plan to make this dish on a day where you have a little extra wiggle room with time. Making something new can sometimes take a little longer than you plan. Also, double check your fish's expiration date to make sure you make it before it expires. If it will be awhile before you can prepare the meal - maybe stick to frozen or canned fish.


Now that you have a plan, commit to sticking to it! Before you know it, you will be serving a delicious seafood dish you can be proud of. Goodbye meat - Hello fish!


We have so many other great resources about including fish in your family's meals. Check out our lesson titled Simple Ways To Include Seafood In Family Meals at Find it in the Choosing Healthy Foods For Your Family category!


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