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How to Curb Your Child's Post-Meal Hunger


When asked what they do when their kids ask for something to eat half an hour after mealtime, here is the advice our panel of parents had...

"Give them a healthy snack."

~ Sophie

"I keep fruits and vegetables in the fridge, and out on the table in a bowl, so they can snack on that if they are hungry. I also ask them to drink a glass of water before eating the snack."

~ Michelle

"I get them a glass of water or milk."

~ Elizabeth

"Find an activity to do with them to distract them from wanting to eat more at the moment."

~ Ashley

"As long as they ate their dinner, I am more than willing to give them more/other food. If they did not eat their dinner, I only give them their dinner as an option to eat after."

~ Brett

"I tell them they have to let their stomach settle first from the meal they just had, and that the evening snack will come before bed."

~ Annette

"Offer her more of what we just ate and the choice of an alternative (usually a veggie: carrots) as a snack."

~ Catherine

"I allow my child to eat as long as it is before 8pm."

~ Anna

"They have to wait until the next snack or meal time."

~ Teresa

"Redirect them to something different to do."

~ Louisa


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