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Mason jar salads for moms on the go

by Gina

I love salads!!!! Yet every time I eat one, my taste buds do not sing. Say goodbye to the old, boring salads. And say hello to the new, improved, tasty salads!

Mason jar salads are so delicious! When I take that first bite, my taste buds pop like fireworks on a hot 4th of July day.

I am going to make this quick and easy:

  1. Buy 4-5 mason jars.

  2. Buy any sort of proteins, veggies, dressings, etc.

  3. Prepare! Dice, slice, chop, you name it. Make time to prep everything.

  4. The magic begins! Grab a jar, add your desired dressing on the bottom. Then layer it up with all the goodies. Put wet ingredients like tomatoes in first, and save the greens for the very top.

  5. Layer until you reach the top of the jar.

  6. Screw that lid on tight. And that is it! When you are ready to eat, shake it up and do a little dance! Open the jar and enjoy!

FYI: Label jars to keep freshness. Mason jar salads normally stay fresh for 4 to 5 days.

Peace, Love & Have Fun



This blog was written by one of our guest bloggers, Gina.

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