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Ingredients for a healthy pregnancy (It's more than food!)

by Leesa from Oregon

Pregnancy was the most challenging, amazing, and rewarding experience! I’m grateful I treated my mind, body, and soul better than I ever had in my entire life. By prioritizing the love for my growing baby inside of me, I accomplished what I had previously thought to be unattainable. I actually learned how to have my healthiest habits possible.

Self love, faith, and a healthy lifestyle are of utmost importance.

Do whatever you can to avoid STRESS. There are many articles explaining the facts. It’s best to read articles and documents that have been published by medical or pregnancy professionals only. Too much unnecessary or inaccurate info can lead to more stress. Have a list of things that help you relieve stress, and practice as much as possible. Being prepared and knowing what works for you will contribute to a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Eat as many fresh vegetables and fruits as you can! Since EBT and WIC both allow the purchase of ORGANIC produce, I highly recommend it. Eating organic avoids pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Having fresh whole foods daily provides the most crucial nutrition for you and the baby.

Following the suggestions to switch to a non-GMO and organic diet took practice. It did end up saving me more money once I learned how to properly feed myself.

I took the time to learn all about nutrition, which was a huge benefit during my pregnancy. WIC provides this information online, along with recipes, and even offers free classes!

By practicing my cooking skills daily, I eventually memorized my favorite healthy recipes. Finding the time to do this after pregnancy can be a struggle.

Pay attention and listen to your body. Many experience new allergies or food intolerances while pregnant. Keep a food journal emphasizing what works for you both. This may help avoid any future reactions.

Avoid unhealthy, processed, or fast foods. These foods aren’t healthy for anyone, especially a pregnant woman and her developing baby. I discovered my concerns, heartburn, belly aches, and lost meals were minimized once I removed these unhealthy foods.

Morning sickness accompanied me throughout. Please don’t let that scare you, as some experience no morning sickness at all. You can still have an extremely healthy pregnancy despite all the lost meals.

A pregnant woman does not have to eat for two. Rather, she needs to stay focused on nutritional value and following dietary guidelines. It’s hard work, but the more days you can do it the better for your growing baby and YOU!

Since NOBODY is perfect, try your very best not to be hard on yourself every time you stray from your healthy diet. It’s all about learning how to eat the best foods possible, then one day your baby will mimic you.

This is the perfect time to really learn how to eat, manage stress, and LOVE yourself! Then there won’t be much worry after your baby is born. They can witness and learn from you, your already established healthy habits.


About Leesa

My favorite part of life is being a mom; it’s the most beneficial life experience possible! I thank God, as well as my parents for this incredible blessing. Motherhood has forever changed me for the better, and I’m so grateful!!

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