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How I shop sales to stretch my food budget

by LyRee

Maximizing food dollars is a big deal in this time of uncertainty. The biggest way I stretch my food budget is to shop sales. My favorite sale is the Meijer (supercenter chain) ten for ten sale. This sale allows you to buy ten items at a dollar apiece and you get the eleventh item free. This is the time to stock up! I like to buy all of my children's snacks for the next three months. The store has a variety of things on sale for a dollar. They have a lot of snacks and with the extra time children are at home, snacks are now as important of a meal as dinner time! Look the ads up online and map out what you want to get for ten for ten!

I am able to save money while providing nutritious food by buying store brands. The store brands are often less costly and they are usually the same as the name brand with just different packages. Also, I like buying in bulk. Buying in bulk can last a long time and is more cost-efficient, especially if you have a large family. The last way to be budget-friendly is to plan your meals around sale items. For example, let's say chicken, broccoli, and rice are on sale at your local grocery store. There are apps that let you add the ingredients you have, and it will give you a recipe. It is really simple and you could come across your new favorite dish!


Editor's note:

You can try out LyRee's idea above by using the free Health eKitchen feature on! Enter the ingredients you have into the search bar. You will discover recipes which use those ingredients. Watch this video to learn more about how to use Health eKitchen.


About LyRee

I am a mother of two children that have utilized WIC. I have appreciated the online classes to help with the developmental stages of my children.

Life has changed with this year-long pandemic. I am currently a stay-at-home mom and making lemonade out of lemons.

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Want more ways to save money on healthy food for your family? has a free online lesson called Maximizing Food Dollars. Find it on the Meal Planning category!


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